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Vilia Zilinskiene

I had heard about people who can help you write books but I never imagined that one day I would need one because I never imagined writing my own book. So please understand that I am not a writer, English is not even my first language, but once I decided to write a book I knew needed to find somebody who would help me do this. I live in Chicago and I didn’t want to just go downtown to search for a writer who could help me. First of all, I didn’t trust just anybody, and secondly, I didn’t believe in sending in my name to some writing company in hopes that they might find someone that could fit my needs. I needed someone who could connect with me on a personal level.

I believe in God. I wanted to write a book, and I believe God sent me help. I didn’t go anywhere out of the ordinary but I had been taking personal development seminars out of state and that is where I met her. I met my ghostwriter at the seminar in Orlando in April 2014. Her name is Christine Forde. I didn’t know anything about her, but I knew that she was going to write my book. When I first connected with her after the seminar, I was a little afraid because she didn’t know me either. How would she know what I wanted to write? I wasn’t even completely sure what I wanted out of this book except to get my message across. But I trusted her. It was the best I could do in the beginning. After a couple of months, I understood that my book is for other people—it’s for them to get something out of it, so it’s not really about me. She didn’t really need to know me, I thought, she needed to know what I want to tell people in my book, but I discovered that I had a lot to offer by just being me. Eventually, we started to discuss more and more how this book would help people. I gave her my stories and my ideas, verbally and written, and she worked with that. I know that without Christine I would never have been able to do this so easily. Her coaching and writing is like a navigation system. I know where I want to go but a GPS can get me there much quicker and easier.

I’m no longer afraid of writing a book and making mistakes because I know that my writer can fix it. I’m not afraid to have blank spaces in my pages because she can fill them in—she was able to understand me and what I wanted for this project and be my voice. I only need to focus on my ideas and talking about what I know, not my struggles around writing. After working with Christine, I’ve learnt a lot about how to write a book. When I decide to write another one, I will work with her again.

August 2014

Vilia’s book Basketball Can Change Your Life: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents will be released in late Spring 2015.