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Editor for Dr. Lindsay Nealon’s Professional Blog:

Diastasis Recti: Do I Have It & What Can I Do About It?

“Diastasis Recti. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, perhaps you haven’t. Most of us are first introduced to Diastasis Recti during pregnancy, but it doesn’t only affect pregnant or postpartum women, it can also affect men and children too. As many as 30% of newborns have this split at birth which closes once they gain head control and their core takes on more of an important role, interesting yes?…”

Fitness Republic:

Fit and Fabulous! How to Stick to Your Resolutions This Year

“Happy 2015! As we dust ourselves off from the festivities, we check the ‘damage’ from the holidays – both to our wallets and our bodies – and make those resolutions for the New Year. This advice will help you stick to your diet and fitness resolutions this year…”


Raise Your Brand Marketing:

Sales Online Over the Holidays Continue to Grow in 2014

“These days I feel like I can’t even open my email without a pile of holiday savings emails vying for my attention. Save 50% on all items for BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND! Black Friday isn’t even one day anymore. It parades over an entire week before the actual day, which then spills over into Cyber Monday and before it takes over most of December. How has this affected online shopping?…”


Excalibur: The York University Community Newspaper:

The Hottest Trends in Fitness

“Who took the fun out of exercise? No one did! Think back to when you were a kid—what did you enjoy doing? Ice skating? Playing hockey? Rollerblading? Skateboarding?  But life got in the way and going back to do activities we used to love isn’t always realistic. Next time you’re looking for something enjoyable to help you burn calories, consider the new popular fitness classes…”


Healthy Outlook: Why Exercise?

“Do you have time to exercise? Doubtful, with homework, lectures, labs and seminars—plus a part-time job, alongside major projects and essays. And who in their right mind wants to exercise when they barely have a moment to breathe? You are definitely doing yourself a disservice. A big one…”


The Brock Press: 

Blog Review

“It has been very helpful to the art world as well, especially to those artists who are just gaining momentum.
Lara Jade Coton (better known as simply ‘Lara Jade’) is one of those artists, a mostly self-taught photographer from the Midlands, England who has garnered a great deal of her following online…”

Poetic License: English Department Offers a Night of Verse

“The English Students’ Association held its annual poetry reading, Poetry Out Loud on Nov. 23. It was an open invitation to everyone interested in poetry who wished to contribute to “building a sense of community,” said Alicia Robinet, the president of the association who has taken on the project for a number of years and planned this particular evening for the past two months…”

CRAM Presents Melanie MacDonald in Chachka

“In life, the smallest, most unnoticeable things have a tendency to make the biggest, most dramatic impact. In the art world, when small pieces are blown up into in-your-face sized proportions, they can be quite startling and almost always have a lot to say…”

The Life of an Artist at Brock

“Visual art brings a certain life, representation, debate, interpretation and meaning to culture.
The artists of the past, the present and the future have and always will be leaders of this field. Drawing roots from the days of the caveman, art has progressed and changed with the times and materials…”

George Stroumboulopoulos Makes a Stop at Brock

“Best known as the former Much Music VJ, George Stroumboulopoulos the eccentric radio/television host has undoubtedly made an impact on today’s generation in one way or another.
On Oct. 29, Brock students and faculty had the opportunity to attend the George Stroumboulopoulos show, as he discussed music, politics, his experiences, and “George vs. the world.”…