…So Little Time

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Published Articles by Christine Forde

More articles by Christine on the web and in print, including Fitness Republic, Raise Your Brand Marketing, Excalibur, and Brock Press. ...

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Elle’s Story

I was wiping off my eyeliner and mascara getting ready to finally go to sleep. It was late but I still felt restless. My workout had been three hours over the course of the day. I sighed, not wanting to really think about why that was, but it was like I couldn’t stop the thoughts. My personal...

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Legendary Terror

The vanishing sunlight passed through the window of the shabby dark carriage, bumping noisily along the dirt road towards the diminutive farming community. A pair of dark umber eyes peered out the window, taking in the darkening sky and the pale harvest moon unveiling itself for the night. His pale hands wrung restlessly in his lap before running absently ...

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